Designers for hire

Designers for hire

This is a design site applied to business. Here you will find everything you need to create an ad plan based on design elements. When we talk about a coherent design package aimed at creating the corporate image, with its essential elements, we are talking about a corporate identity package.

Corporate identity is the group of design elements that transmits the corporate message, idea, goal, etc. to consumers and which represents the company. But, why do we talk about corporate identity? This site is aimed at those who want to know better how to organize a design plan for their company. Therefore, we could explain each and every possible type of design or we could go beyond that, as we have chosen to do, and think about all the possibilities bearing in mind a homogenous group, which will be more effective than the addition of individual designs.

In order carry on with a company, it is important to have a right design plan. Our goal is that once you finish reading this site, you are able to draw up a plan for starting you project ¾with the necessary knowledge to make it right. In short, this site is a practical guide for businessmen who look forward to create a campaign or to strengthen the corporate image. In order to create this guide, we will explain each part that makes up the whole ¾from the different design types to useful theoretical and practical issues.

Our goal is seen through the different sections that make up the site. In each section, you will find a topic discussed in relation to the main subject. We recommend that you read the sections in order, though this site does not require you to strictly read them that way, as it may be the case with sites where sections tend to get more complicated as you read on.

We have divided this guide in the following way. Design’s Work is a section dedicated to explain how we work in design, what the designer and client do and we also enumerate a series of basic concepts or notions of this activity. Logo Design deals with the special treatment this element has and how this one differentiates from the rest. In website Design there is a theoretical explanation about Web design and its work object, the website, as regards the company and the benefits it has. Brochure Design points out the importance, not only complementary but also necessary, of this ad traditional media. Corporate image is the section where the site ends —it is the one that it should be read when you finish reading the other sections; here the homogeneity of the elements is necessary to make it effective. Finally, Relationship with the designer, is an additional section but a very important one in order to know the unique possible way to make things right.

Welcome to this site applied to business. Thank you for choosing us and we hope to come to your expectations.

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