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The brochure is all that informative-advertising paper that a company offers. Within the brochure, we can include three-fold leaflets, two-fold leaflets, catalogues, business cards, etc. In order to explain the benefits of these types of ad design elements, we will focus on two of the most important features —materiality and immediacy.


The brochure has a feature that no other design element has; it is something material, something that can be touched and that can be held in hand. This has two benefits. The first one is the impact this has when the message is received. The recipient is holding part of the company in his own hands, it is his responsibility, his and nobody else’s. Of course all these are speculations and nobody can prove this, but we believe that a person that holds something of the company in his hand feels closer to it. The second one is the brochure’s materiality, which makes people keep the brochure that interests them. Brochure design that consumer likes, are kept somewhere in a usually visited place. This benefit is only offered by the brochure. The brochure that attracts people’s attention will enter their home and stay there. It will be surely put in a place that will remind the person to contact the company. This type of advertising is impossible even for the biggest network company.


This second feature is also very interesting. As opposed to the other types of design that are presented for a certain period of time —for example, a TV ad takes 30 seconds—, the brochure opens before the recipient’s eyes and makes an instant impact on him. Even though he needs to read it, the complete design unfolds before his own eyes in a matter of seconds. This impact does not allow for any reasoning; either he likes the design or not. If he does not like the design, there will be no way to revert this. But if he does like it, the recipient will be delighted with it, it will make an impact on him, and that first impression will be worth the effort.

Both features are very interesting. Exploiting both is very important for a developing company. However, we recommend that you do not begin a campaign with a brochure. The brochure is a complement to the Logo and to the website. Nonetheless, it becomes a valuable element when it is combined with the previous ones.

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