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Corporate identity is the group of different coherently combined elements’ designs. This group has to be homogenous, so that it keeps a criterion that follows firm parameters. A powerful corporate identity is the one that allows for each design to explore its possibilities to the most by developing their distinctive features without leaving aside the common criteria that unites them within a uniform group.

In order to create the corporate identity of your company, the commoner thing to do is to hire a design company that creates the corporate identity package that you want. Within this package, the corporate Logo, website, catalogues, three-fold leaflets, business cards and some other extra things such as templates for e-mails are included.

The importance of hiring a corporate identity package is that the company itself creates it; i.e., they do not have to adapt your designs to other previous designs, but they start from scratch. This makes the work develop fluently. But if you already have one of these elements, the company you hire will have to make an effort to suit to them. However, there is an internal hierarchy in the corporate identity. The Logo is the most important element since it represents the company at any time and it establishes the criteria so that the other designs follow it. That is to say that if you redesign your Logo, you will have to retouch the other corporate identity’s designs.

The website is the element that follows the Logo as regards importance. Both the Logo and the website are the essential elements for you company to properly work. Nonetheless, the higher the number of corporate identity’s components, the greater the benefits, providing all the elements share a design criterion and transmit the same and unique message. Otherwise, the corporate identity is a problem.

It is important to remember this: the greater the number of elements in the corporate identity of your company, the greater the stability and power this one will have. However, it is ESSENTIAL that you keep the group’s homogeneity. Just remember that it is a group that transmits a business message and that any heterogeneity will confuse the recipient.

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