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In this brief section we will describe some of the main problems that arise from working with the designer. You should know that the designer’s work consists of transforming your ideas into material elements (graphics). That is to say, if you have no ideas or you do not correctly explain the ones you have, the designer cannot work.

The relationship with the designer is very important so that the work is well done. If the relationship is bad, the result is bad; and vice versa. Therefore, you should have a good relationship with the designer. It is important that you both remember that you are a team and that need to work together.

A designer who needs indications all the time is a wrong designer. The designer must follow the client’s indications but as a reference; he should also be able to act without consulting the client. Usually this may happen due to an insecure designer, but sometimes it is due to the client, who does not allow the designer to use his imagination. In either case, it is a problem that needs to be solved, since when you hire a designer you are paying half for his ability to work with design programs and the other half for his imagination.

The designer who does not listen to the client. Pride is a terrible mistake for a team. Some designers do not listen to their client because they consider they do not know anything about design. Many times, this is true, but it is also true that the client does not need to know about design. Therefore, a good designer must be patient and understand the client, should and not underestimate him, whereas the client will have to make an effort to learn and be helped.

The client who designs. When a client wants to use the design tools there is a problem. The one and only responsible for such tools —programs, etc— is the designer and the client should not interfere with that stuff. This situation is similar to the one where the designer does not listen to the client and does whatever he likes. Neither does the designer choose what to do nor the client how to do it. If things are clear, the results are good.

The client who is not clear. When the client does not express himself correctly, which is something very common, it becomes a problem. The designer cannot do anything if he does not understand what he has to do. The best thing to do in such a case is for the client and designer to meet and try to understand each other. Then, when the layouts are presented, the conversation will be clearer and they will have more elements to make themselves be understood. This part of the relationship needs a lot of dedication and patience to make the dialogue and ideas possible.

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