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Web design is the branch of design that deals with developing, planning and a website. Nowadays, the Internet the media people use the most when searching for companies, products or services. Therefore, it is highly important that a company has its own website. Next we will discuss the benefits of its features.

We will begin with the three basic features of a Web page —interactivity, presence and point of reference. Next we will describe the site’s functions that meet the company’s needs. In that segment, we will discuss the topics related to advertising, promotion and sale venues. Having diagrammed and planned the section, we will now begin to discuss the topics.

Basic features:


This feature distinguishes a site from any other type of design. All designs belonging to the corporate identity only transmit the message from the company to the consumers. But this is not the case with the website. Even though it is true that a Web page transmits a message from the company to consumers, it goes beyond that. Consumers cannot answer this message. In the contact section, people will be able to answer the message that the site’s design transmits or provide suggestions, dispel doubts, and ask questions or inquiries. Thus, the company becomes the recipient and then turns back to sender to answer the public’s questions. Dialogue is entered, and there is interaction. This link will be very beneficial for the company as regards marketing. People’s comments will be gathered for further analysis, which will allow the Marketing expert develop an incredible campaign, knowing the likes, desires, goals and expectations of potential or current clients.

However, this is not the only possible interaction with websites. The previous can be called user-company interaction. The other one can be called user-site. In this interaction, the user gets involved in the business message support —website— by creating it and using it. That is to say, a simple and ordinary company-client message consists of transmitting a certain precise information. However, a site informs about everything regarding the company, it introduces the company, it exhibits its products, it contains contact information, prices, new offers, etc. Thus, the user, and not the company, decides which data he takes in. The way the user manipulates the information makes him always interested in it, in looking for it, and in running across what he is just looking for.


Since the Internet is the most used media as regards business, a good positioning and a good presentation on the Web will make your company go up in the market. The exposure a company has through the Internet will make consumers test its products and look forward to knowing it better. On the other hand, the presentation about it on the Web is quite convenient. Having a great website does not cost more than finding the right designer and programmer and investing little money. This minimal investment will give you an extraordinary presentation in the media people use the most. Isn’t that really advisable?

Point of reference:

After industrialization and globalization, companies were no longer the center of the community they belong to and became abstractions in the global market. This abstraction process makes them exist only in consumers’ minds. In former times, companies were known by their building, and people went there to solve their problems. Now there is a new building, but it is not made of cement and bricks, but digits and data transmission. The website is the new customer service building, it is the virtual office. Consumers have taken the corporate site as the place where to go, in order to get information about news or to ask about something. The new virtual site is much more convenient for small and medium-sized companies, since having a real building like big companies have is financially impossible, but it is possible to have a site as good as that of successful companies.

We will now discuss the site’s functions. These functions fulfill three marketing important points —advertising, promotion and sale venues.


A website is the most suitable place to launch a new product. The Internet page’s informative power is very difficult to surpass unless a very expensive ad campaign is conducted in traditional communicative massive media. Making public a certain aspect of the company is the first step for it to be a success in the market.


Promoting a product consists of adding something to make it more desirable. On the website you can offer discounts coupons to print for products you want to promote. The coupon’s print can be free and can be presented in shops associated to the promotion. Another option is to put a number or code on the promoted product and have a place on the page so that consumers can enter that number and receive in return tickets to go and see a show. The possibilities are infinite, you only need imagination. Anyway, the benefit will be double, because not only you will promote the products but also you will increase the number of visits to your website.

Sale venues:

By acquiring an e-commerce page, the sale venues of your company will take a new dimension. An e-commerce site is a site that allows you to sell through it, with a shopping cart, with products and detailed prices and with the corresponding photo. Selling on the Internet will open an incredible sale venue. Even though the site’s cost is higher, the price is really low if you compare it to the benefits you will have as regards your sales.

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